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The Emotion Code & The Heartwall

Dr. Bradley Nelson coined the term "trapped emotions" to describe negative energies that become stuck in the body.  These energies are caused by overwhelming emotions experienced by a traumatic event.  Unprocessed trauma or intense emotions can be held in the body and impact our health and/or our mental and emotional wellbeing.  Some people would refer to these trapped emotions as our "baggage" or why we may not be able to get over something.  This isn't all in your head as these negative frequencies are stored in the physical body.  The trapped emotion may result in feeling anxious or sad, constantly feeling stressed, negative self talk or becoming quick to anger. 

The emotion code technique allows us to identify and then release these negative emotions by moving the energy along the governing meridian and out of your body and energy field entirely.  The process doesn't require a deep dive into your painful past as the emotion code teaches us that by simply identifying the emotion and the age of occurrence is usually enough to release it entirely.  

Image of the emotion code chart

What is a Heartwall? 

According to Dr. Nelson, 93% of the population is said to have a heart wall.  The heart is now known to created a "wall" of protection from past, present and future pain based on previous hurtful experiences.  Although this protection can be a good thing, it can also hurt us if the emotions remain longer than is useful to us. This wall may result in a feeling of emotional disconnection with others, a lessened ability to give and receive love, difficulty in forming and maintaining deep relationships, physical aliments and can even create blocks to success or financial prosperity. 

Heart wall emotions can be identified and released the same as other trapped emotions by shifting the intention specifically to the heart wall. 

The Body Code

Body Code app

The Body Code was developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson  and is a powerful new approach to natural and intuitive whole body healing.  When trapped emotions are left in the body they create negative vibrations that affects our organs, muscles and tissues causing a multitude of disruptions in our lives.  The Body Code is broken into six categories: Energy, Circuit or Systems, Toxins, Pathogens, Misalignments and Nutrition or Lifestyle. 

Muscle testing is a form of biofeedback in which the practitioner connects energetically to the subconscious mind of the client in order to identify which specific areas are in need of attention.  Once an imbalance is identified they are corrected on the spot.  This often allows the body to be restored to optimal health. 

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