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Energy Wellness Services

Initial Assessment & Breakthrough Session    $120 - 45 minutes

Body Code/ Emotion Code Session   $100 - 30 minutes

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Bundle 4 Body Code/Emotion Code Session    $380  - 30 minutes per session 

Bundle 10 Body Code/Emotion Code Session  $950  - 30 minutes per session

Heart wall Removal Bundle   $290 - includes 3 x 30 minute sessions  

* in the event additional sessions are required $90 per session

Animal Emotion/Body Code Session  $50  - 20-30 minutes 

Following each session you will be emailed notes detailing the work we have done along with any recommendation that were discussed.  As you become familiar with energy work you will see that energy does not distinguish time or space.  The benefits and results are experienced whether sessions are done by video call or in person.  All bundles must be paid in advance to recieve discount pricing. 

Reiki Session   $70  - 50 minutes

In person or remote session available

Wellness Services


Are you tired of simply treating symptoms? Or unsure what is causing the symptoms you are experiencing?

The Body Code uses your bodies infinite intelligence to identify the root cause of the problem, allowing you to address the issue instead of merely treating a symptom.

Every individual and situation is unique as well as the issues being addressed.  Some issues may be corrected in as little as one session, others may require multiple sessions.  Please contact me directly so we can create a plan that is best for you to achieve your desired outcome.  I look forward to working with you to help you achieve your goals. 




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