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More Of What My Clients Say

"Julie creates a safe and welcoming space for you to heal.  She has helped me immensely and I would recommend her in a heart beat for your journey too💜


When I began working with her, I was experiencing daily pain due to a surgery site that did not heal properly.  We started with Body/Emotion code sessions to release trapped emotions and correct imbalances in the body and then did follow up Reiki sessions to assist in integrating the healing work.  I experienced profound healing both on the spot and over the days that followed each session.  My pain went away during these sessions as I released events from the past. It was amazing how many emotions where trapped in this one area and once the age of occurrence was revealed to me I was able to identify every situation where the energy became trapped.   I would recommend working with Julie using any or all of these energy modalities for deep personal healing. She is a truly gifted healer who continues to helped me on my own healing journey"

Belinda - Ottawa, ON

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