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Julie Ruttan

What began as a personal healing journey has transformed into a passion in seeing successful outcomes for others as well.  In 2021 I became a certified Reiki practitioner which facilitated immense personal and spiritual growth.  In 2022, I found the Emotion Code and was immediately drawn to the simplistic way of identifying and releasing trapped emotions to assist in my own personal healing by releasing emotional baggage. I quickly realized that this was a profound technique and immediately did my certifications in both The Emotion Code and The Body Code.  By using muscle testing and the Body Code I have successfully resolved my food and pet allergies and eliminated my asthma.  I continue to work on improving my overall health and well being by listening to my body and using these energy healing techniques. ​

By using a combination of my natural intuitive abilities and learned techniques from these energy balancing modalities, I work one on one with clients to develop a deeper understanding of their struggles and desired outcomes in order to provide measurable results.  Understanding that everything is energy and knowing that the body has infinite intelligence and an innate ability to heal, my aim is to help you achieve a more balanced and fulfilling life. 

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